Based in Chicago, Techretter LLC Group is at the
heart of the burgeoningtech scene that is
flourishin in the city.

Who we are

Techretter LLC Development partners with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established businesses to build world-class mobile and web-based applications and business solutions.

Our mission

From its inception, the mission of the Techretter LLC team has been to help its clients utilize and leverage technology to dominate and disrupt their respective markets.


We have a tremendous opportunity to significantly grow the business and need entrepreneurial minded team members who want to do what it takes to deliver results and capitalize on the opportunity at hand.

If you are looking for a 9-5 position where everything is laid out for you, Techretter LLC is most likely not a fit. If you are looking for a new challenge to lead your own team, step into a company, leave your mark, make a positive impact on your colleagues and look forward to continuous growth, we would love to connect with you.

What makes us Techretter LLC

Hint: It’s more than just our “can do” attitude

We are not in the software business. We are in the business of serving those who are trying to help the world. One of the core values at Techretter LLC is integrity and honesty – we believe in open and continuous communication with clients.

Every decision we make must put our clients in a better spot to win in the marketplace. Here at Techretter LLC we believe in transparency and accountability – if it doesn’t serve the client, we won’t do it.

Techretter LLC philosophy

Our thoughts on software and software development and what is necessary for successful projects. What makes Techretter LLC different and inherently unique is the level of care and commitment we bring to each client.

Although highly skilled and technically competent we can’t necessarily differentiate ourselves in the market on those attributes alone. We can on our experience, or dedication, and the “human” element. Some of the ethos we operate by include:

Partnership Mentality

Long term vision with short term action plan. We don’t want to be one-off developer but a long term partner in our client’s growth and success.

Build it as if it were our own

Utilize existing tech when possible to keep speed up and costs down. Don’t just build to build but understand the purpose and meaning behind the functionality and when necessary consult with the client and make recommendations for or against certain features.


It is in everyone’s best interest. Faster to market to capitalize on opportunities and keeps project momentum and likelihood of success higher. Open communication and transparency – everyone is on the same page at all times. From initial contact by sales rep to launch we are open and clear about expectations, the requirements and responsibilities of all parties, and the progress and challenges faced to make sure the client’s budget and timeline are kept.

Commitment to process

Fail to plan and you plan to fail. Up front-heavy research and fact-finding discovery phase for clear architecture map & design layout avoid pitfalls of software projects.

Process overview

High level break down of development process phases. Don’t need to go into super detail as the prospect isn’t going to necessarily care about the details as much as they know we know what we are doing.

Phase 1

Architecture and prototype

Phase 2


Phase 3

QA, transition, launch

Phase 4

Ongoing support and v2, v3 additions

Let’s chat about your product or idea. Take a look at our Contact page to schedule a call.

We look forward to working together and having you part of the Techretter LLC tribe!